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Sell with Ungraded

Work less. Earn more.

Our ground-breaking 3D card imaging offers an unparalleled insight into card condition, giving buyers the confidence to pay more and sellers the earnings their cards deserve. Our consignment model means all you need to do is ship your cards to us and we take care of the rest.

"With their amazing technology I was able to see all the defects, zooming in to see the condition better than if I was holding it in my own hands. This gave me the confidence to secure the card at a premium price. I’ve since had it graded and it achieved a BGS 8.5, which I’m really pleased with. This is the future of buying and selling raw cards."

James Price, Pricey Collectibles, June 2024

Auction fees

If you've got something special and want to watch bidders fight it out over your prized asset, an auction based listing could be the best way to maximize its potential.

Hammer priceSeller premium
£25 and aboveNone
Up to £25None for 2024 £5 minus 20% of hammer price
Example: £120None
Example: £20£1 (£5 - £4)

Start prices allowed. Unlimited free relistings. Free returns for unsold cards.

Fixed Price fees

If you need full control over your sale prices or just want to test the water, our Fixed Price marketplace could be for you. Set a Buy Now price and choose to accept offers or not.

Sale priceSeller premium
Any15% of sale price
Example: £110£16.50

No storage fees. Free returns for unsold cards.

How does selling work?

We want to make selling through Ungraded as quick and easy as possible. Here's a step-by-step guide to how our consignment process works.

Step 1
Create a submission

Fill in a simple submission form with a brief summary of the cards, one or more photos and their estimated total value.

Step 2
Post it to us

Once we approve your submission, you pack and post it to us. We provide a Shipping Guide to help ensure your cards arrive safely.

Step 3
Pick a listing type

After we receive and process your card/s you check them over and choose between Auction or Fixed Price listings for each.

Step 4
We promote & sell

We put our ground-breaking 3D card imaging to work for you, maximising your card/s potential value to buyers.

Step 5
We fulfil orders

Leave it to us to collect payment from buyers, handle packing and shipping and reply to any customer queries.

Step 6
Get paid out

We pay your earnings direct to your bank account via our secure payments partner, Stripe.

Seller FAQ

Here are some of the keys questions from our FAQ. See more here.