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Our Mission

We created Ungraded after sharing our repeated frustration with existing trading card marketplaces, both having experienced cards arriving in poor condition, different to their listed images, or not arriving at all. Both avid Pokémon collectors, we wanted to bring transparency to a marketplace where buying raw cards was somewhat of a lottery.

The goal was simple: to bring the same detail you’d see from holding a card in your hand, to viewing it digitally. We have spent years developing an imaging system that lets you examine cards as if they were right in front of you, from every angle, in ultra high definition. This technology is at the heart of the Ungraded marketplace, empowering buyers with confidence in condition for peace of mind, with every purchase. For sellers, Ungraded provides a seamless consignment service: managing storage, imaging, insurance, onward posting and customer service, taking the time and effort out of your hands.